Rawdiance Natural Glycerin Korea Charcoal Gold

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Rawdiance Natural Glycerin Korea Charcoal

Rawdiance Natural Glycerin Korea Charcoal Gold Flakes 24K Nano Gold Bar Soap With Organic Argan Oil 80g L

Product Highlights:

~Natural Glycerin is essential for the skin to retain it’s natural moisturising factor (NMF) which results in smooth & supple skin.

~Korea Charcoal effectively absorbs n remove impurities & unclog pores.

~Pure 24k Gold Flakes Nano Gold stimulates the production of collagen under the skin, improves elasticity & firms the facial skin.

~Relieving Lavender Oil:

*fights acne

*detoxifies skin

*anti-inflammatory superstar

*skin lightening

*help protects from free radicals

~Organic Argan Oil has abundance of Vit E, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-sebum & anti-aging.

~Rejuvenating Eucalyptus Oil good for purifying, cleansing, clarifying & immune-boosting oil.

~Regenerating Frankincense Oil has Astringent & Cytophylactic properties. 

*oil balancing

*blemish clearing

*regulate sebum

*skin brightening power

*wrinkle reducing superpowers

*stimulates cell regeneration

*protects older cells from free radicals.

Size: Length 8.7cm Width 5.5cm Height 2.8cm

Weight: 80gram

~Rejuvenating Cleansing Bars.

~Can use on face and body.

~100% natural ingredients.

~Vegan & Cruelty free.

~Imported ingredients: Barcelona, China, France & Korea.

~Guaranteed Quality

~Produced in Malaysia.

~Pharmaceutical Code: NOT190405984K

Package content : 1 x Argan Oil Bar Soap

#REJUVENATINGCleansingBar is a rich creamy foam soap that gently cleanses your skin without drying out your skin. It is enriched with the goodness of CHARCOAL POWDER that helps to remove dirt & impurities from your skin looks brighter and healthier. Specially formulated with combination of NANO GOLD and GOLD FLAKES 24K that helps to protect and reduce visible signs of ageing.
This formula also contains ORGANIC ARGAN OIL with nourishing, regenerating and protecting properties to maintain skin’s youthful assets. With the blend of 3 essential oils – #LAVENDEROIL, #EUCALYPTUSOIL & #FRANKINCENSEOIL to leave your skin with an uplifting and calming #aroma.
~Pharmaceutical Code: NOT190405984K