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NUTRILITE Lecithin-E (270 tab)

NUTRILITE Lecithin-E is a useful ally against the damages provoked to your cells by oxidation. Lecithin, a fat emulsifier, aids the digestion of vitamin E, leading to better, much effective absorption by your body.

The supplements are chewable for rapid absorption. They are also tasty with honey, molasses, carob and maple walnut flavour. Fortify your everyday diet with NUTRILITE Lecithin-E now!


  • Each tablet contains 20.6mg (25 I.U.) of vitamin E and 50mg of lecithin.
  • Chewable form for smoother, tasty consumption.
  • Deliciously-flavoured tablets with honey, molasses, natural carob and maple walnut, reinforcing your diet in the most yummy way.


  • Contains vitamin E, an antioxidant that combats free radicals.
  • Contains a mix of glycerin, fatty acids, phosphoric acid and choline, essential elements to promote optimal body function.


Lecithin is used for treating memory disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It is also used for treating gallbladder disease, liver disease, certain types of depression, high cholesterol, anxiety, and a skin disease called eczema. Some people apply lecithin to the skin as a moisturizer.

NUTRILITE Lecithin-E (270 tab)