Massage Gun Deep Tissue Therapy Body Muscle

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Massage Gun Deep Tissue Therapy Body Muscle



Product Name: Booster E 9 gear of speed massage gun

Brand: Booster boluojun (Booster is the top brand at China about Massage gun)

Warranty: 18 months (For any quality problem during the time, we will fully responsible for it)

No-load speed: 1800-3200 / min max

Stroke: 12mm

Weight: 1.0kg

Speed level: 9 levels

Massage head: 6

Battery: 2500mAh high power lithium battery

Rated voltage: 24.0V 6INR19 / 66

Noise: Less than 60Db (The third generation noise reduction technology )


Package List:

1 X Massage Machine

1 X AC Charger

6 X Massage Heads

1 X Li-ion Battery



Why we recommend Booster E:

Noise reduction Technology & 9  Gear of speed & 18months warranty

Booster E (extreme) is a percussive massager with 9 levels of powerful speed setting. Booster E can be used for warn-up, cool-down, functional training, rehabilitation and physical therapy. This precision engineered massage gun is the best friend of fitness enthusiasts the world over. With a striking design outside and advanced technology inside, Booster E delivers high-penetration muscle relief and a faster, more effective recovery.










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1.Q:Does the product have a warranty? What to do if there is an after-sales problem?
A:Our products have an 18-month warranty and we will provide after-sales service. If there is any problem with the product, please feel free to contact us at first time, we will help you solve the problem.

2.Q:How long does it take to ship?Will provide the tracking number?
A:We have warehouses in the United States, Russia, France, Spain, Poland, and the Czech Republic. In the case of stock in overseas warehouse, it will be shipped from the nearest warehouse according to the receiving address. If shipping from China, we will choose fast logistics, usually you can receive the package within 10-20 working days after payment.
We will provide tracking number for each order.

3.Q:Do you provide an English manual?
A:We provide an English manual in the package.

4.Q:What if I am not satisfied with the product?
A:If you are not satisfied after receiving the goods, please contact us as soon as possible. Free return and exchange within 15 days of receipt.

5.Q:How about the quality of the products?
A:My friend,please don’t worry about the quality. Booster is a top brand in China,our philosophy is to use technology to protect health and focus on the field of sports recovery. We are committed to producing products with guaranteed quality.


How Do Massage Guns Work?

The short answer: it’s not entirely clear how these devices work on the body. They may help relax sore muscles by stimulating the GTO (Golgi tendon organ), a structure within a muscle that inhibits contraction. Massage guns may also override the sensation of pain within a sore muscle in the same way you might if you rub your forehead after smacking it on a door jamb (this is what’s known as the “Gate Control Theory of Pain.”)

But the most likely mechanism of soft tissue work—whether it’s a foam roller, a massage gun, or the trained hands of a massage therapist—is neural, says performance coach and physical therapist, Dr. John Rusin. “Mostly you’re affecting your brain’s ability to sense tightness or laxity in soft tissue, whether it’s a muscle, tendon, or fascia.” The therapist’s hands (or the roller, or the massage gun) focuses your attention on the tight muscle allowing your brain to zero in on the tension and let it go.

Vibration vs. Percussion

If you’ve ever used a vibrating foam roller or platform, you’re familiar with vibration therapy: you mount the unit, push a button, and let the device shake your fillings out. The back-and-forth oscillation is small, creating a pleasant, miniature muscle-quake inside the target tissues.

Early massage guns worked in a similar manner, vibrating the muscle to help it relax and stimulate blood flow. More recent models go beyond vibration, penetrating an inch or more into the target muscle: “It’s like a muscle jackhammer,” says Los Angeles-based massage therapist Art San. That’s percussion: a deeper, more intense stimulation of the muscle.

Effects of Massage Guns

Early research suggests that, when performed before exercise, vibration therapy is as effective at preventing soreness as traditional massage in untrained women. Does that mean it’s “effective” at preventing or relieving soreness, period? It’s not clear.

Massage guns increase blood flow, which shuttles nutrients into the muscle while also removing blood that may have pooled in the muscles—a common occurrence, often following long periods of inactivity, that can result in swelling in the extremities. If you use the gun directly after a workout, it may facilitate the removal of metabolites—waste products—associated with exercise, which can cause burning in the muscles.

“It’s an out-with-the-bad, in-with-the-good effect,” says Rusin, similar to what you can achieve with foam rolling, yoga, and light exercise.

Best Ways to Use the Massage Gun

“With massage guns, a little goes a long way,” says San, who works with MMA fightersNFL players, and other elite athletes. 1-2 minutes on a large muscle group—like the quadriceps—is plenty.

“You don’t want to over-stimulate the muscle,” he explains. Excessive use drives fluid into the muscle without allowing it to flow out again. “It’s a powerful tool, so keep it on a low setting.” Higher settings are reserved for truly massive folks, he explains—NFL linemen and other heavyweights.

Rusin suggests that novelty is part of the tool’s effectiveness and that the effects may diminish with frequent use. So instead of using the massager every day, rotate your approach: foam roll one day, use contrast baths on another, the massage gun on a third day, and so on.

Additional information

Weight 1900.0 g
Dimensions 35.0 × 25.0 × 11.0 cm

Black, Blue, Silver



Plug Type

AU, EU Plug, UK, US Plug




18 months


Multi Size SML


Composite Material

Item Type

Massage & Relaxation

Model Number

Booster E

Brand Name

Booster boluojun

No load speed

1800-3200 / min max

Capacity of battery

2500mAH lithium battery



Rated input

100 ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz 24W

Rated output

24 V / 1A