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LINDA BEAUTIES are an online shop focus on woman beauty. We believe beauty belongs to all women. We are created to be beautiful and nobody can deny it. LINDA BEAUTIES here because we believe every woman born to be beautiful and we collect all quality products with high rating in the world only for you. You didn’t need to worried which product you want to use. We prepared for you and you only need to believe you are beautiful.

That’s why our team working hard to do research for all categories above. Until now, in 22/7/2020 we manage to completed 6 categories and on going do research to completed all categories.

We are new baby born but we have a various experience in beauty consultant. It our new project to established an on line shop for you.

Each product we post an individual article with detailed testimonial and video, Believe or not our shop online conly do detailed post for each product we sales. We have a research team now on going post new article every day under categories ‘Product”.

Hai our precious customer, if you need other categories we are welcome you to give a suggestion. You can contact us at our contact link given or through live chat.

If need and advise, we are pleasure to answer your question regarding beauty consultant.


linda beauties

Our gateway payment, we divided to 3 type payment, to give our customer variant of choosing. For Malaysian, they like to use FPX payment, rather than a credit / debit card or Pay Pal.

Pay Pal and Stripe it a recognize worldwide gateaway payment. And Bizzappay is a Malaysia recognized gateaway payment for FPX and Credit/Debit card.



Currently free shipment to all Malaysian buyers only and outside of Malaysia need to pay shipping cost. It gave us a frustated impact due to our website is designed for worldwide e-commerce

We now on going discuss for free shipping worldwide with manufacturer. We believe in a few months we will success to implement free shipping to all.


We have product from Malaysia, Indonesia and mostly from China. If buy localize it take 3-4 days. But from China it will take around 30-35 days.