Key Shaped Elevator Button Presser

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Key Shaped Elevator Button Presser

Key Shaped Elevator Button Presser. Why we need?

Viruses differ greatly in size, the smallest being about 20 nanometers in diameter to the largest measuring some 400 nanometers across. For reference, a human hair is about 60,000 nanometers in diameter, so literally billions of viruses could fit on that proverbial head of a pin.

When it comes to things like elevator or ATM buttons, door handles, or so many other surfaces with which you likely have to come into regular contact, the microbes might measure more than you’d care to think about, especially during the days of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Regular use of hand sanitizer and, better yet, hand washing with soap certainly helps. Wearing gloves while you’re out and about is also a great idea to limit your potential exposure to the coronavirus, not to mention to other viruses and bacteria.

Still better is using a tool that means no part of your body — gloved and soon to be washed though it may be — ever comes into contact with potential viral hotbeds like the handle of a sink in a public restroom, the door latch of that taxi or Uber, or the keypad at the gas pump as you fill up the car you depend on for your essential job.

We researched a number of elegantly simple devices that serve as an extension of your finger and create a barrier between you and all sorts surfaces that would be otherwise unavoidable in the course of everyday life, not that life these days is anything like the everyday we all knew before the coronavirus outbreak.

The best product is Key Shaped Elevator Button Presser, high rating and great purchase.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic, Key Shaped Elevator Button Presser is a handy gadget that’s lightweight, easy to carry, easy to use with touch pads and keypads to help keep you safe,” writes a 5-star reviewer. “This is especially helpful for someone who has a poor immune system. It takes some getting used to to open doors with these, but elevator buttons and keypads at grocery stores and gas stations are a breeze. You can even sign your name. Overall, these are handy little gadgets that keep you from touching so many surfaces. Even though they are self-cleaning because they are brass, I still wipe the end off with disinfectant when done using.”

Key Shaped Elevator Button Presser

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This Key Shaped Elevator Button Presser tool allows you to open door, press elevator button or operate touch screen without direct contact.
The key shaped tool is smooth and fine, comfortable to use.The surface is convenient to clean.
It is easy to clean, you can directly use water to clean it.
Mainly made of brasss, it is sturdy and not easy to break nor to deform.
It can be carried easily, is small and lightweight, easy to store.

Material: Metal.
Color: Gold.
Size: 7x3x0.5cm.

Key Shaped Elevator Button Presser

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