How To Properly Wash Your Face?

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How To Properly Wash Your Face?
How To Properly Wash Your Face?

How To Properly Wash Your Face?

Always use lukewarm water
Wash your face with lukewarm or cool water, never with hot or very cold water. This will revitalize your face in a matter of seconds and remove impurities. Washing your face in the shower may not be the best option as the water tends to be hotter than needed. Cleanse thoroughly BEFORE you hit the shower!

Change the frequency of washing according to your skin type
The face should be washed morning and night if you have oily skin, and doing it only at night is enough for normal to dry skin. In this way, you will not change the pH of your skin. If you just love cleansing in the morning, use gentle and natural products. 

Use a face towel
The towel that you use to dry your face cannot be the same that you use to dry your hands or your body. Bacteria or products you use for the rest of the body may remain on the towel and this will cause irritation on your face or even breakouts. That’s why those cute tiny face towels exist in the first place. Make sure you wash yours every couple of days

You must remove makeup before cleansing your face
If you put on makeup, the first thing to do is remove eye and lip makeup with a two-phase cleanser and then face makeup with cleansing milk or oil if you like to paint yourself more. Lastly, you wash your face. Do so by massaging the cleanser gently for about a minute, then rinse. This step is important to remove any sunscreen and foundation and gently stimulate lymphatic drainage. 

Prep your face for serums and creams 

After cleansing your face, it’s good to use a mist or a toner to balance out the PH, especially if you live somewhere where water is hard. One of the most effective natural toners is rosewater. Just moisten a cotton ball with rose water and apply it to the face with small touches. Then use your serum or night cream of choice.

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