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Foot Mask Exfoliating Stories

Your entire body is covered in skin cells, but they’re not all alive. Many have served their purpose and have been replaced by healthy cells. However, not all the dead skin cells readily leave your body, nor do they simply dissipate into the ether. Instead, they often stay on top of your skin like tiny rotting corpses. These pointless, lifeless cells can cause heaps of problems, too: They can clog pores and create calluses. They can lead to hair loss, breakouts, grimy feet, and more. That’s why it’s important to scrub them away, on every part of your body.

Today we will discuss how to scrub your feet and benefit.

How to exfoliate your feet

It’s smart to have a standalone foot-buffing plan, independent of whatever body scrub you use. That, or just dedicate a lot of product to your feet, since they are much more prone to accumulating dead skin (in the form of calluses) that need to be buffed away. You can use foot exfoliator cream, foot exfoliator scrub or rechargeable callus grinder.. But today again, today I focus the easier way and effective method use foot exfoliator mask or sometimes we we call foot exfoliator socks

If you’re so fed up with your callused, gnarly feet and want to get a fresh start altogether, then it might be time to try a foot peel. These things are bananas, since they seep into your skin and cause all the dead cells to literally peel off and fall away over the next couple days.

You’ll be shocked at just how much dead skin there is to be rid off, and you’ll be delighted at how refreshed you feel once the shock subsides. So, don’t plan this for the day before you head to the beach. Instead, give it a good 7-10 day head start. Best of all, these feels neutralize fungus or bacteria that are living on your feet, giving you a reset over things like Athlete’s foot or foot odor.

What is exfoliating?

To start off, let’s be clear on what exfoliating is. Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. It can be done with a chemical substance, a granulated scrub, or an exfoliation tool. As new skin cells typically generate every 30 days, exfoliating helps make way for the new cells and ensures that all the dead skin cells have completely shed off. 

Why should you exfoliate your feet?

Feet are often lacking moisture or are exceeding in moisture as they spend most of the day in socks or shoes. This lack of moisture and the friction from walking around can cause them to dry out and crack. If your feet are receiving too much moisture because your feet tend to sweat, you’re at risk of calluses, blisters, and infections. By exfoliating, you’ll be on top of your foot health and you’ll be getting a nice massage out of it too. To go into a little more depth, here are a few benefits to exfoliating your feet. 

1. Softer Skin 

By exfoliating your feet you are getting rid of the dead skin cells that cling onto your feet. You’ll also be scrubbing away at any hard surfaces on your feet over time till you finally have feet as soft as a baby’s. Feet aren’t for everyone as they tend to gross out the majority of people. However, after exfoliating your feet a couple of times they’ll definitely be really nice to look at. 

Foot Mask Exfoliating

The soft and nourished skin after being exfoliated will also help your feet crack less in dry temperatures such as during winter weather. Bonus, if you keep a good exfoliating regimen throughout the winter you’ll have beautiful feet by the time the summer comes along. 

2. Healthier Feet

Feet are often one of the first points of the body where we may notice warning signs to  different health issues. They will hint towards signs of arthritis, diabetes, and vascular disease. By getting regular pedicures at a nail salon to exfoliate your feet, you’ll have a specialist look at your feet that may be able to identify any warning signs for you. The more you exfoliate your feet the more massaging your feet will get. These massages will help stimulate blood flow, and as a result ease any foot pain

3. Avoid Calluses & Infections

Calluses are hard thick areas of the skin that can get very uncomfortable. They are formed when layers of dead skin start to pile on top of each other and become even more problematic when then become blisters. A callus will form into a blister when your feet experience too much friction. By exfoliating your feet you are actively working on avoiding a pile up of dead skin cells

The more you take care of your feet and exfoliate them, the less likely it will be that you’ll get any feet infections. Foot infections can become serious if not properly looked after, and can become extremely uncomfortable. Exfoliating your feet will keep them in tip-top shape and will ensure that your feet are in overall healthier condition. Infections often form from bacteria entering wounds and if you’re prone to getting blisters, each time a blister pops you’ll have an open wound for infectious bacteria to crawl into. 

4. Avoid Clogged Pores

Pores are often the talk of the town when it comes to your face, but foot pores are just as important to pay attention to. The pores in your feet will not get you any acne but they do impact your sweat glands. 

Foot Mask Exfoliating

Even though no one likes sweaty feet, these pores are working hard towards regulating your body temperature and keep your feet from drying out. If at any point your sweat glands become clogged, they will not be able to properly do their job. This will then cause discomfort in your lower limbs. By exfoliating your feet you will be promoting healthy blood flow to your feet and encouraging the skin cells to retain oxygen and clean out the pores. 

Lastly as quotes by our beauty consultant

“Brighten the feet and gave them a nice smell”


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Foot Mask Exfoliating

3Packs Lavender Feet Mask Exfoliating Foot Mask Peeling Dead Skin Feet Masks Pedicure Socks Foot Cream for Heels Skin Care

Net Weight: 40G 

Gender: Women, men 

Main ingredients: Lavender, water, glycerin, lactic acid, papaya fruit extract etc. 

Shelf time : 3 years , pls kindly note that the date on the package is China’s production date

Skin Type: Suitable for all skin type.( Children, pregnant women, lactating women, severe sugar disease patients and wounded foot,Sensitive skin and allergies people are not recommended )

Package Included:  3 Packs of Foot Masks ( 3packs,   each pack has 2pcs, 1pcs is for left foot, 1pcs is for right foot.  you can do it 3 times. )

Warm Tips:After use,your foot may dry,harden, wrinkles,it is caused by dead skin,please don’t worry.Do not use the feet mask if you have wounds.we suggest you’d better soak your feet with hot water after 48-hours use

User Manual- the correct instruction is very important, will influence the effect of foot mask.

1.For the first time, please take a few drops of essence dripping on the back of the foot, smear evenly, 15 minutes later observe the back of the foot skin discomfort, if there is nothing wrong with the prescription , then you can continue to use;

2. Before using the foot mask, please soak the foot in warm water for about 20 minutes.

3. Drying the foot, cover the foot essence on both of feet, tear, paste and fasten the sticker to prevent leakage.

4. After waiting for 45 minutes, remove the foot mask and rinse the foot with clean water.

5. During exfoliation, please insist on blistering feet every day. foot skin will be slightly drier than daily, it is recommended to use hand and foot cream for moisturizing care.

Note: After using about 3 to 5 days, old foot will gradually fall off, 5-7 days in this process. Because everyone’s skin is different, so the falling off time is also different. But most important is end result, Your foot will transform as baby foot skin..WoW!!

Foot Mask Exfoliating
Foot Mask Exfoliating

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