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One of the most important elements of website design is navigation. Navigation is just what it sounds like – how someone moves around on your website. If your site lacks effective navigation, it is not going to work for your business the way you need it to.

Website visitors typically want to know three things during their visit to your site: ‘Where am I?’, ‘Where have I been?’ and ‘Where else can I go?’ By visibly demonstrating these answers within your navigational structure, there is a higher chance visitors will remain on your site for longer, reinforcing the likelihood of a valuable sale.

Simply put, visitors need to easily find what they are looking for. Visitors should be able to flow from one page to another without frustration. They shouldn’t have to think about where to go next, it should just flow.

A bad navigation system (including using cute names instead of more common ones) can mean multiple clicks (and guesses) to get to the desired information. If you force your visitors to put in too much effort when it comes to moving through your site and finding what they want, they will lose interest – and you will lose them.


Lindabeauties typically about easy navigation to our customer. Curretly w our product total below 200 product and will increas from time to time. We need to ensure our customer happy and easy navigation through linda beauties homepage.

First at all. based on Neil Patel UBER SUGGEST our loading time for deskstop very exxcellent below 2 second but our mobile loading time 5 sec. Need to improve our loading time below 3 sec. It our target due to mobile experience is crucial for e-commerce website.

For linda beauties easy navigation we very satisfied with our navigation system. Easy it our main objective and second objective to ensure our customer easy navigate all our product.


Linda beauties easy navigation included :

Auto SEARCH BAR whereby by if you write a keyword example facial cleaner, automatic our system will search a keyword facial cleanser in our e-commerce product.

QUICK VIEW you no need click our product to go product pages. At each column product have QUICK VIEW button, you can click quick view and it will show actual photo and price of the product. If you want detailed, you can click go to product pages.

CATEGORIES is the common and must for e-commerce. Last time for linda beauties we have too many categories and it confuse our customer. Now we shrink our categories for easy and fast navigate by our customer.

AUTO SCROLL is a system that you can check all our product by scroll only. No need to waste your time by clicking tiny pages next to……

VOICE SEARCH now is a trend. Linda Beauties take this opportunity add voice search at search box. Lazy to write, well just speak to find your product. For time being our voice search comp-ability with Google browse.

Lastly and important is BLOG. Yep!!! For a unique and high sales product , linda beauties will write a review why we should buy this product and honest review it is this product effective or not. Review is not from us but through a few article we combined. So you must the decision.

Sometimes we come across a funny product especially face and slimming body. We need get through research to justified this product.

Still confuse and need a specific product!!! What Apss us immediately at our homepage button below. We will send you a photo and price product you search. if we found it. You must gave us 2 days search for you.

What Apps not only for search a product but you already found a product but you need it urgently. We can make it but you must bear with shipping cost. By the way, we can discuss through what apps until you satisfied.