Air Compression Leg Massager Pressotherapy

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Air Compression Leg Massager Explanation

Air Compression therapy is a health treatment that’s been widely endorsed by celebrities, both in the fitness world and in non-fitness industries.

Tony Robbins had an air compression leg massager installed into his private jet, and some celebrities are getting into full-body suits that deliver compression therapy.

But what are these leg massagers?

Simply put, these leg massagers work by gently squeezing your body to promote better blood circulation which can be caused by a wide range of health issues.

Improving blood circulation has been found to improve symptoms of these various issues, from diabetes to arterial problems.

In addition to promoting better circulation, many users report dramatic reductions in pain from using leg massagers.

While many people purchase a pair of leg massagers to treat chronic pain conditions, there are also many athletes and ‘regular’ people who have experienced improvements in their health and athletic performance from using them.

In this article, we’ll look at how leg massagers enhance your health and relieve pain.

What’s a Leg Air Massager?

Air compression leg massagers are devices that wrap around your legs and feet and compress them like a pair of tight boots. 

Many of these devices are FDA-cleared and claim to enhance lymphatic circulation, reduce knee pain, release muscle tension, fight varicose veins and prevent leg cramps [1].

By squeezing your legs, leg massagers apply the pressure required to flush out waste from the cells in your legs and feet

This allows fresh blood to enter and nourish cells to better health with oxygen and nutrients [2].

The pressure also prompts the release of endorphins, which act as natural pain-killers.

There are different types of leg massagers.

Some are made of fabric and are totally collapsible, whereas some are more firm and boot-like

The Best Leg Massagers Worth Trying

Air Compression Leg Massager Pressotherapy

Air Compression Leg Massager Pressotherapy Promote BloodCirculation Vibration Infrared Therapy Foot Massage Relieve Fatigue

Product name: Air pressure beauty leg instrument

Rated frequency: 50-60HZ

Rated voltage: 12V

Product net weight: about 1.2KG

Rated power: 24W

Protective gear size: free size

Power cord length: about 150CM

1.Durable,Stable to ensure normal operation time.

2.The effect is good. Fast heating, more stable heating.

3.One key to open, simple operation,smart life.

4.Squeeze and pinch the muscles through the contraction of the airbags to relax the tight muscles.

5.Fluctuation kneading through air pressure can be adjusted according to personal needs to achieve a comfortable pressing force.

Package list: 1x Massager  and 1x Power Charger and 1 x User Manual


Air Compression Leg Massager Pressotherapy